February 2017

Now, it’s February (over a month since I was referred to a hematologist) and still didn’t have any answers. I went to get an ultrasound, which showed my spleen and liver were enlarged. The gastroenterologist, just by looking at me, tells me I do not have cirrhosisĀ of the liver with 95% assurance. He is also baffled at my bloodwork and the enlarged organs are not putting any glaring red flags out to him, so he recommends a CT Scan.

From the CT scan on, this story gets to the answers I’d been looking for, whether I had realized that or not… Mine was done on 2/27/17, one (1) day after my husband’s 35th birthday.

The computer tomography (CT) scan looks at a certain area of your body (upper abdomen in my case), no food/drinks before the test, get an IV to check blood levels and insert a contrast fluid into your bloodstream.

I had this done the morning of 2/27/17. I was supposed to fly to Mobile that afternoon, but was also getting over a sinus cold, and decided to cancel my trip. I am so thankful I did. That afternoon, around 3pm, the gastroenterologist’s office called to let me know there was some irregularity in what was seen and the hematologists office would be contacting me, and my care would continue through the hematologist. Wait, what did they see?

Around 5:30pm, the hematologists office calls to let me know a “golf ball size cluster of lymph nodes” was found in my scan around my liver. Okay, this is unexpected, but it’s something. Keep in mind we’re almost 2-months into this searching without a single answer. I asked, “Have you completely ruled out leukemia?” and was told yes. YES!

The searching continues into March….

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