Friday, April 5, 2017 – Day 5

This post is a week+ late due to a week-long hospital stay – more on that later.

I do remember that the last day of chemo, I definitely had some fatigue (just monitored email, didn’t do any work) and laid around. Appointments for chemo were just after lunch (1:30pm) so hubby went to work before taking me. Had a temp of 99.0 Fahrenheit when they did my vitals before chemotherapy, which was the highest of the week. The technician put my pulse (100) as the diastolic (bottom) number in my blood pressure (which was 120/80 but she wrote 120/100) so there was a buzz when I came into the treatment room, but was retaken and they typical 120/80. Need to watch them on the computer better I guess, she did the same thing on Wednesday but noticed the mistake herself. Mostly rested, didn’t open any of my computers or look at my phone, so I was definitely starting to feel the affects of the chemo, just didn’t realize it at that point…


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