Monday, June 19, 2017

Another couple of relatively uneventful weeks have passed. We had a great anniversary trip to NYC and are adjusting to a few full weeks of work before the 4th of July holiday (we were on a roll with taking a Mon or Fri off, plus Memorial Day, that we only worked 4-days for about 5-weeks in a row!). One thing I’ve been noticing, but haven’t given it too much thought, is I seem to be losing a lot more hair – like A LOT. My chemotherapy of cladribine is not the factor (very little correlation, if any, that I can see online), so I was thinking the stress these past couple of months have had on my body (and all the antibiodics and medicines and natural remedies to try that come along with it).

Hubby suggested that it could also be hormones, so I set up an appointment with my lady-doc in a few weeks (struggle of traveling for work is appointments are usually 3-4 weeks out so I can arrange my schedule). Hopefully it will bring some answers, but for now, I’m trying some shampoo that includes Biotin (Shampoo with Argan Oil (Amazon)and maybe ordering some capsules to take. 

Have you had any success with hair loss treatment? Pills, shampoo, oil? Comment below!

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