Post-Chemo Day 10 (4/17)

The inevitable question “how are you feeling” is the constant text I get or when I talk on the phone. I feel fine – like everything is normal, just some fatigue is the only noticeable difference. But, it’s a question everyone asks. And gets old, quickly. I understand the gesture and good will behind it, but pick up the phone and hear my voice to know someone is OK, or stop by the house. Sorry, my rant is over, but I feel like I explain the same thing over text a hundred times (which is a blatant exaggeration).

Anyways, doctor visit and bloodwork today. My platelets tripled since Friday, and RBC count is up. My WBC and neutrophils were still low but not lower than they were at the hospital, so good they weren’t going down. The doctor that left me her cell phone number saw me today, and gave me a big hug. She knew it was so nice for me to be out of the hospital. She also felt my spleen and said it seems to be smaller, which I was also thinking, so the chemo is doing it’s job. Eventually, my liver and spleen (which are currently enlarged due to the HCL) will get back to normal sized. The “main” doctor came in gave me neutropenic precaution paperwork, asked the inevitable “how are you feeling” question and just clarified some do’s and don’ts while I’m in a neutropenic state.

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