Post-Chemo Day 17 (4/24/17)

Enjoyed a relaxing weekend, went on a bike ride to do some errands Saturday and had his parents over Sunday for dinner.

Had another bloodwork and doctors visit today. My white blood cell count went down to 1.5, now that my body is making new cells without the help of the Neuopegen shot, and neutrophils down to 1.3. Since both are at least above 1 (or 1,000), I’m off neutropoenic precautions (yeah!) meaning I can eat fruit/veggies with skin, hug people (I’m a hugger so it’s a really weird feeling to¬†not give hugs). Was hoping for more up progress on my numbers, and did get that with my platelets and red blood cells, both are in normal range, which is progress. Just wish everything was good and I could get back on with my life!

I have a follow-up Thursday, which makes tomorrow the first day without a doctors appointment this month and has me feeling weird – what do I do with myself? Besides work, I usually have to prepare for a daily outing to go to the doctor, which I’m thankful I don’t have to do. I’ve been catching up on work and feeling great, so hope it continues and can get back to work here soon enough. I know most people don’t wish to go back to work, but it’s a constant (as much as it can be covering 7 offices) and gets me out of the house and focused on things outside of my cancer, doctors, etc.

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