Saturday, August 26, 2017

I received the results of my bone marrow biopsy the day before my 35th birthday, on 8/10. I haven’t written because I was really hoping to be in complete remission (0% leukemia in my cells), but did only have 5%. It’s a significant improvement, as I started my journey with 85-90% leukemia cells, so I recognize that, but I really was hoping for a 0%.

With still having leukemia in my cells, the doctor would like another bone marrow biopsy, in late-October. I asked this time to be put to sleep, since my last one was so traumatic. Granted, I can handle it, but if there is an option to be put to sleep, why not? And, with meeting my out of pocket max for insurance before I even started chemo in April, I’m thankfully not having to worry about the cost.

Regarding my hair loss, the doctor did say sometimes the cells could all be “in sync” and could be why it seems more than normal. With already having my estrogen and thyroid levels checked, it’s about the only other reason to explain it (unfortunately). The amount of hair I’ve been losing has dropped off (I’ve been washing it less too), but it’s still more than I’d care to see.

Outside of that, we’ve added two adorable mini schnauzer puppies to our home, Bobbi and Stella, both girls and from the same litter. They have kept us busy and on our toes since we brought them home on 8/2. They haven’t been to the vet or groomer yet, as they aren’t due for their shots yet, but will look a little less “fluffy” next week!


Bobbi (blue) & Stella (red)        Stella                                    Bobbi


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  1. I am 53 female and i was diagnosed Hcl in July 15 and at last test had minimum residual disease just like you. No complete remission after treatment. I have finally, after two years since chemotherapy, got my energy back to cope with full time work, but if I have one late night or eat the wrong food I’m feeling awful for a few days till I can bounce back. My bloods have only last month almost returned to normal – just the platelets are still low. A long slow journey it’s been but I’m alive and grateful to have a ‘good’ cancer. What a ridiculous way to describe this! I was also told this was a ‘good’ cancer to get.
    I wish you all the best in your journey ahead Reading your blog brought back memories of my treatment too.
    I found fresh vege juice every day really helped me and also cutting out wheat, sugar and dairy from my diet. I avoid them as long as I know they are there. Can be difficult if someone else has prepared the meal.
    Sugar makes me irritable and sleepy now within 20 mins of eating it. Dairy blocks my sinuses and wheat gives me brain fog and stomach cramps.
    Vege juice clears the brain fog quickly. I like a mix of carrot fennel lemon and a bit of ginger.
    Was great for nausea during chemo too.

    1. Wow – I’ve been meaning to make changes to my diet, so thanks for the tips. Don’t have the immediate symptoms after eating certain foods, but I’m sure if I abstained for some time and reintroduced, I would notice them then

  2. It definitely sucks that you’re not at a zero. I am sure by October you will have better news. You got this cous!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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