Thursday, April 6, 2017 – Day 4

The end is near! No not in the religious sense (although you never know) but my last day of cladribine is tomorrow!!! YEAH! Today was relatively uneventful, still eating, no nausea, and working away. I wrote another post today (Why? Why Me? Why Anyone?) about searching for answers to hairy cell leukemia diagnosis as the IV full of cladribine dripped towards me.

We picked up Panera on the way to treatment, and had a new nurse bring me back and set me up. Getting into a routine with check-in (get a bracelet), weigh in, find a seat, check your temporary port (in my arm for the week, to make sure it’s clear), wait for drug to be dispensed, ┬áchill for 2-hours. We bring a bag full of laptops (my work, personal, hubby’s work and iPad), another bag with a neck pillow, lotions, books, hand sanitizer and wipes, etc, a cooler with snacks (lesson from day one) and get all set up while we wait on the medication. Just becoming normal after 4-days but happy for it to end tomorrow.

Today I had a few work calls during treatment (one person said “why are you answering your phone” and another “you don’t need to worry about that stuff right now”), but it keeps my mind busy and off treatment, so actually enjoy the distraction. Hubby has been working while there too, and the time (2-hours) seems to pass relatively quickly.

Had a nice friend bring pizza over to us for dinner and his parents joined us as well. Still sitting and visiting for now, so I’ll sign off. Have a good night and thanks for reading!

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