Thursday, July 13, 2017

Things have been quiet on the doctor department (thankfully). I saw my oncologist in June, and we set up an ultrasound and bone marrow biopsy appointment before I go back to see her in August for all the results. The ultrasound was done and they said my spleen is going down, which is good. The bone marrow biopsy is next week, and then we’ll really see where things stand. My WBC were last checked at 6.5, which is great, considering I was down to 0.2 in the hospital.

The hair loss is still a factor, not as bad (but still too much) and I’ve been doing everything I can to keep more hair from falling out. I have biotin and argan oil shampoo/conditioner, plus a special brush and detangler, but it’s still coming out more than I would like to see. I have a rinse I do between my shampoo and conditioner with apple cider vinegar, water and lavendar, and have washed with baking soda/water mix. I’m trying just about anything and everything in the hopes it comes out less.

I did have my estrogen levels checked, and they were normal (within range), so nothing there (was told I was low on vitamin D, which I’ve added to my daily intake). When I called the oncologist office, they attribute it to stress and not the cladribine (chemo), so I’ve made an appointment with my GP to test some other blood levels (thyroid, etc). I guess time will tell. This started in early-June, but I’ve been told its just my body’s reaction to the stress of the diagnosis and subsequent chemotherapy, albeit 2 months after the fact…

Currently I’m taking vitamin C (since I developed an allergy to Bactrim 7 weeks after starting it), vitamin D, vitamin B12, biotin, probiotic, and acyclovir (hoping to get off that once I see the doc next month). I’ve been told Aloe Vera juice may help, so I’m onto that next.

There is a HCL patient seminar October 21 for patients at Ohio State University, more details: HCL Seminar

When I reached out to a survivor (on the board of the HCLF), he mentioned an article about a new gene-altering leukemia treatment, which sounds promising. Still much work to be done, but altering your cells to fight the cancer cells sounds promising! NY Times: Gene-Altering Leukemia Treatment

Thanks for reading, wishing you a beautifully blessed day!!!

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