Tuesday, April 4, 2017 – Day 2

After 1 day of chemo and learning the lay of the land, you realize what you forgot (food), what else you’d like to bring with you (drinks and snacks), what you don’t need (medical records book – they already have everything – duh) and make sure to get everything set for the next day. With running late from wrapping up from work today, we picked up Panera on the way to our 1:30pm appointment, but probably was another 30¬†minutes before we could eat it (drive to center, check in, wait in room before getting to your “chair”). Soon as you think you have a few minutes to dive in, you’re getting called up, moved to another area, etc.

The feeling of fatigue can definitely be felt today. Normally, running errands was easy, and a return at one store and purchase of one item at another had me winded. Not something I’m used to, considering I was doing spin a couple of months ago and going 100 miles an hour all the time. This week and month are going to be interesting, as fatigue is said to be one of the main side effects but usually goes unspoken (even more than nausea). As of today, no nausea has set in, but the bowels are definitely “active” I’ll say. Nothing to cause concern, but in chemo class, they warned either you’d be going all the time or blocked up, which of course causes concern when getting chemo.

While there, I scrolled FaceBook and saw a memory that made me think of simpler times – 3 years ago, our pool had been recently finished, and we were excited to eat dinner out by our new pool with some pina coladas. It’s crazy how much things change. While 3-years seems like a while, it really wasn’t that long ago.

4/4/14 – simpler times

After treatment, on the drive home, I felt a little dizziness, but didn’t take too long to pass. We went in the hot tub and part of the side effects of the Cladribine is muscle soreness, so was a welcomed enjoyment.


When we pulled up to the house, I had some beautiful flowers from my Tampa office waiting by the front door, which put a huge smile on my face.




Appetite is still in tact and hubby made an excellent dinner – grilled pork tenderloin, sweet potato, asparagus and some delicious organic rice and quinoa side that turned out to be great. Had some help from a friend editing this site and organizing it. I knew how I wanted things to look, but wasn’t sure how to get there. Now, it’s getting more to how I envisioned it.

Thank you for your thoughts, prayers, support and reading.

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