Wednesday, April 5, 2017 – Day 3

Day 3 has been relatively uneventful thus far. I had a slight tinge of nausea last night and took one of my prescriptions for it, and was fine. This morning, I was not in the mood to cook or get out of bed, so grabbed an uncrustable for breakfast, worked through the morning, and grabbed lunch on the way to treatment. Still have a healthy appetite, had a delicious grilled cheese and tomato soup and finished it all.

They had me do bloodwork before chemo, which I was understood it would only be Monday 4/3 and the following Monday, but was welcomed considering what the chemo is doing. They started me on fluids (as expected, to help flush my blood) and reviewed my bloodwork. My platelets and WBC (white blood cells) are down (both expected) and my ANC (absolute neutrophil) was down as well, so they called the doctor to verify continuing treatment. The nurse asked if I was having any side effects, which I told her about the little nausea, missing a bactrim on Monday (supposed to take 2 every M-W-F, I only took 1 – no biggie), talked about bowels and that I was feeling relatively OK. She said in her 12-years, they’ve only given the Cladribine to 3 patients. THREE. I knew I was rare and special, but damn! I meant to ask my doctor if she’s dealt with any HCL patients, but after hearing that, I’d assume no.

The fluids were chilly and sent me into a sneezing fit. Thankfully, they have warm blankets and that quickly subsided. It was about 20 minutes after the fluids started that the Clardribine was started. I tried to take a nap, but the random beeping as bags finished on other patients, background discussions, etc. made it impossible. I started reading another book, “I’d Rather Do Chemo Than Clean Out the Garage,” which is off to a humorous start. Around 4pm, both bags were empty and we were sent on our way. Hot tub, dinner, back in the hot tub and some TV wrapped up day 3. 3 down 2 to go and ready for this week to be done and go into remission.

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